Frequently Asked Questions

Remapping is the process of reprogramming the car's Engine Control Unit (ECU) with modified software which will alter how the system runs the engine. The main goal of this is to improve the engine's performance or economy or otherwise in some way change how the vehicle operates from the way it was when it left the factory.
Remapping allows alteration to the calibration of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to change the way it operates the engine. By altering the boost pressure of a turbo, or manipulating the ignition advance of an engine it can be made to change its power output. The basics in changing performance is no different than how things used to be in the analogue days where tuners would be modifying distributor caps, carburettors or turbo actuators, but now with the modern complex electronics these changes have to be done in the ECU's software rather than by hand with a screw driver.
While there are some out there who claim ludicrous claims such as 30% improvements in fuel economy just to get your money, there is in truth a possibility to have some gains in fuel economy. Wherever you improve an engines efficiency by remapping it, you will see improvements in its fuel economy as well as power output hand in hand. It's important to note that while improvements are available, it is still very much down to good economic driving styles. Constantly using your new found power will use more fuel up, that's just physics, but extracting more of the energy in the fuel with considerate driving will improve your fuel economy.
Generally speaking no, manufacturers will build very large tolerances into their engine designs, such as the ability to run on poor fuel quality, poor conditions such as sand, and expect poor maintenance while also leaving untapped performance for later upgraded models. Provided you follow regular servicing intervals, run the engine on the correct Octane fuel required for your remap, and use mechanical sympathy such as warming up and cooling down correctly there should no major or noticeable effect on the longevity of your engine or components. However with extra power on tap maybe tempting to use the engine to its full power and using an engine at full power, even a standard engine, would increase wear and tear. In short, it is much more down to your maintenance and driving style than the remap itself.
Yes, in short any modification to your car may have an effect on your manufacturers willingness to process a warranty claim. Any part that is modified or affected by a modification may no longer be covered. However, at the same time a remap cannot be used as an excuse to void warranty on non related items such as suspension of other vehicle electronics. Some will tell you it's undetectable and that you may be able to defraud a manufacturer but as a professional company we are unable to make any such promises to you and any risk of loss of warranty should be carefully considered before modifying a vehicle.
Yes at any time for any reason we can follow the same programming process to restore the ECU to its original factory software, whether this be to sell the car or just perhaps remapping wasn't for you.
Every vehicle is different, and every customers requirement is different and on top of this some ECU's are locked with tuning protection and require physical labour to remove and unlock them so it is very difficult to give out a flat price and prices do vary. We recommend anyone considering a remap to contact us with their vehicle details and requirements to discuss a tailored service for you.
Any vehicle modification, remapping included, must be declared to your insurer and as the policy holder or vehicle owner it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with any laws or insurance contractual terms when modifying your vehicle.
We offer a lifetime warranty on the software, we will reinstall any overwritten, lost or corrupt remap that is OBD programmable. We will charge labour only for any bench flash ECU that requires the software to be reinstalled. Since we do not provide any parts or modify your vehicle mechanically we cannot provide any mechanical warranty on your vehicle.