Rolling Road

Our state of the art in house Dyno Dynamics All Wheel Drive 450 Rolling Road allows us to setup any vehicle to perfection. Dyno Dynamics is a world renowned leader in Dynamometer and Rolling Road technology and is trusted by tuners and car enthusiasts alike for their repeatability and accuracy.

With the ability to closely monitor every fine detail of your vehicle and apply dynamic load we're able to simulate a vast range of road and driving conditions without ever needing to leave the workshop, ensuring your vehicle is safe and sound while we focus on getting the job in hand complete.

Many people think Dynamometers are all about full throttle power run, but while that is the exciting bit it's just a fraction of their usefulness and ability.

Our dyno is open to rental by the public or professional tuners alike, whether it's a simple power run or a full days tuning time required we can provide competitive and cost-effective testing time.

Rolling Road

Rolling Road Rates

  • Power Run - £60.00 inc VAT
  • Rolling Road Rental Hourly - £108.00 inc VAT
  • Rolling Road Rental Half Day Rate - £400.00 inc VAT
  • Rolling Road Rental Day Rate - £800.00 inc VAT

GTR on our Rolling Road

Friday Night Dyno Nights

Our Rolling Road is open at a discounted price of £45.00 inc VAT on our special monthly Friday Night Dyno Nights. These occur on the last Friday of the month from 6PM onwards, they are very popular and regularly sell out so we recommend you contact us to reserve a slot. We recommend you arrive by 7PM.

For Dates in 2022 see our online shop: HERE

Dyno Dynamics 450 AWD Specification:
Standard Retarders Hold Front Hold Rear Hold AWD Graph
Maximum Power 450 KW (600 HP) 450 KW (600 HP) 900 KW (1200 HP) 2000 KW (2700 HP)
Maximum Tractive Effort 13,800 N (3,100 lb) 13,800 N (3,100 lb) 27,600 N (6,200 lb) 61,300 N (13,800 lb)
Maximum Roller Torque 1,500 Nm (1,100 ft lb) 1,500 Nm (1,100 ft lb) 3,000 Nm (2,200 ft lb) 6,500 Nm (4,800 ft lb)
Maximum Axle Torque* 4,100 Nm (3,000 ft lb) 4,100 Nm (3,000 ft lb) 8,200 Nm (6,000 ft lb) 18,200 Nm (4,600 ft lb)
* Assumes 600 mm (23.5”) tyre diameter, Assumes 3,500 RPM, Assumes sufficient traction
Maximum Speed 250 km/h (150 mph)
Maximum Weight 4,500 kg (10,000 lb)
Wheel Base Minimum 2,250 mm (88.5”)
Wheel Base Maximum 3,500 mm (138”)
Dyno Dynamics Phase 3 computerised control system
  • AWD/4WD control system, electronics and software
  • AWD/4WD Smart system
  • Power, tractive effort, speed, air fuel ratio/lambda etc
  • Vacuum/boost display
  • Constant speed mode (Dial in the speed you want)
  • Constant load mode (Dial in the load you want)
  • Ramp mode (Dial in the acceleration you want)