Standalone ECU Mapping

Haltech ECU Software

We supply, fit, wire in, setup and map almost any aftermarket ECU that is suitable for your build.

We have extensive experience with many ECU's including but not limited to:

  • Haltech (Authorised Dealer)
  • Link (Authorised Dealer)
  • AEM (Authorised Dealer)
  • MoTeC
  • Syvecs
  • ECU Master
  • DTA
  • OMEX
  • Emerald
  • PowerFC

Over the last 15 years we've mapped dosens of aftermarket ECU's and can assist with Dyno tuning anything from small 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engines all the way to engine swaps or monster RB26 or 2JZ builds.

We've assisted in many installations and mapping for many aftermarket vehicles for road, circuit racing, rallying and drag racing usage. We can also assist with CAN integration and linking your ECU to external devices for more advanced features.

Due to the complexity of aftermarket standalone ECU setup's it's best to call us on 01256 373 525 to discuss your requirements. We can offer simple hourly rate dyno time to adjust an existing installation or a complete fresh custom wiring loom installation, start up and mapping.

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